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Vintage wedding of Shawn and Zack in Rancho Santa fe

I love the wedding of Shawn and Zack.  Everything about this wedding was Rockin’!  The setting is ever so unique!  I will write about the details of this gorgeous couple in another post.  For this post, I want to focus on the floral details of their wedding. The theme of the wedding is ‘FRENCH VINTAGE’.  It took place at Shawn’s parents home in Rancho Santa fe.  I worked closely with the bride’s father to make this wedding particularly unique.  Because of the uneven grounds in their backyard, Classic Party rental constructed a deck to hold the entire wedding.  The outdoor setting of their estate is breathtaking and spectacular!  This backyard even has its own lake!  The fine touches really was special for this wedding.  One of the element was the Chantilly lace.  We used hundreds of yards of Chantilly lace to customize  their wedding canopy, trimming for the columns, wrappings around the small vases and the overlay for the guests tables.  Shawn introduced the pale robin blue plates into the tabletop which makes such a beautiful statement.  We used the Servre plates from Classic Party rentals for the grand head table.  The wonderful Jennifer Dailard from Simply Posh Design graciously provided the gorgeous menus and the table signs.  This wedding is right up her alley!  She loves to bling anything up!  The challenge for the wedding was utilizing the same space for the ceremony and the reception.  As the guests cock tailed, we speedily flip the ceremony site unto a dining reception filled with long feast style tables.  Each table was lined with large silver candelabras overflowing with thousands of roses, hydrangeas and pendulous phalaenopsis orchids.  We also interspersed multiple heights of mercury candle holders between each floral pieces.  The use of these candelabras concentrated together makes the long table setting looks amazing.  Please check back for more details of Shawn and Zack’s wedding very soon!

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