Aileen’s bouquet Monday: luxurious lavender

I came upon these unique amnesia roses and fell in love with its luxurious lavender, brown, and green tones. The texture of the petals were so velvety, it made me feel like I came upon a great vintage find in an antique shop. I’m enamored with the wardrobe from The Changeling and wanted to create a bouquet reminiscent of that time period. Dark purples and olive green hues of  the pivots  brought out the gorgeous color of the roses. Interspersed throughout the bouquet are burgundy foxtails, which makes it look like a rare mink coat that you’d find in your grandmother’s closet from the 1920′s. I add grey toned jewels and wrapped it in a luxurious antique sequin trim to really jazz it all up ~ Aileenamnesia_lavender

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