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Engage14! Grand Cayman Gala

Engage14 Luxury Wedding Summit in Grand Cayman

The team at Karen Tran was extremely excited to be chosen to design the gala for Engage 14 in Grand Cayman this year! This luxurious event allows those involved in the wedding industry to share insight, new trends, tips and much more while visiting a beautiful destination. The tropical location in Grand Cayman was inspirational and beautiful. We had the help of Joanne Brown of Celebrations and was able to design and create a luxurious wonderland. We are pleased to hear the guests at the gala were surprised, impressed and captivated by my floral designs that filled the event space. Massive thanks to the two fabulous ladies: Rebecca Grinnals and Katheryn Arce who started it all!

This Gala for the Wedding Summit in Grand Cayman is highly important to us and we wanted to create a luxurious atmosphere that suited the occasion. We arranged for flowers to be flown in from Holland through G-fresh, a distributor we work with frequently and is highly respected throughout the industry. I had thousands of white Phaleanopsis orchids, beautiful roses from Meijers, tulips and hydrangeas at my finger tips and ready to dazzle and fill the gala with exquisite beauty.
A grand and fabulous entrance to the gala with thousands of white phaleanopsis orchids reaching 17 feet high greeted the guests as they enter the Gala.   A 30ft long flower wall inspired by the theme of ‘Engage’ that resembled the emblem of the Wave. Inside the gala we used thousands of roses and hydrangeas to create a beautiful flower backdrop for the stage. Oversized florals decked out the two large bars which added a touch of elegance as guests ordered drinks and shared interesting conversations. Lovely vases and containers graced the tables throughout the entire gala from FP Flourishes, which held our floral designs perfectly and allowed us to create the elegant vision we had planned for the event.
The floral designs we created were accented with crystal curtains around chandeliers that provided a magical effect for this special evening. The luxurious linens were couture linens from Nuage linens in sparkling silver and white hues. The collaboration of work that went into this event surely shined through and made this event fabulous.

We truly enjoyed my experience creating exquisite floral designs for this meaningful event. We are pleased to have a variety of conversations with others in the industry. The gala at Engage 14 Grand Cayman was truly memorable not only for this special evening but the friendship and the lovely attendants. This luxury wedding summit is a must for those who has a true passion for the wedding industry. Thank you Rebecca and Kathryn for allowing us this pleasure.
All photos: From Rebecca Davidson, Carla Ten Eyck, Rebecca Davidson, Melissa Wolfe, Janet Jarchow



Engage14-Celebrations-Cayman Flower-wall-stage-Karen-TranEngage14-Gala-The-Ritz-Carlton-Grand-CaymanEngage14-Grand-Cayman-Gala-Karen-TranEngage14-Grand-Cayman-GalaEngage14-Grand-Caymand-Gala-Nuage-LinensEngage14-Grand-Caymand-Gala-Ritz-CarltonEngage14-Karen-Tran-Gala-designEngage14-Wedding-Summit-Grand-Caymanfloral-arrangement-for-barFlower-Wall-Karen-Tran-Engage14Flower-wall-Karen-TranKaren-Tran-Gala-Engage-wedding-summitKaren-Tran-Gala-for-EngageKaren-Tran-White-silver-weddingKaren-Tran-White-Wedding-Engage14Silver-and-whiteSilver-white-weddingWhite-wedding-Karen-TranKaren-Tran-designer-Engage14-GalaKaren-Tran-Engage14-Gala






Karen Tran visit to Sydney Australia ~ hosted by Wedded Wonderland

Wedded Wonderland Hosts Karen Tran at Sydney Harbour

On Australia Day, I found myself at the beautiful Dockside Group in L’Aqua room overlooking beautiful Darling Harbour in Sydney. Wedded Wonderland  hosted an exquisite “intimate dinner with Karen Tran” event where I had the honour of collaborating with the best in the Australian wedding industry. I worked with local florist John Emmanuel to create the sophisticated custom-made floral centerpieces that featured beautiful and colorful Tulips, Ecuadorian Roses, Orchids and Phalaenopsis.

My floral designs were part of a collaboration that included beautiful linens and hardware by Events by Nadia and gorgeous chandeliers from Chandeliers to Die For, that lit up the event and casted a spectacular glow over the entire room. The event was dazzling with sparkling lights, elegant linens, center pieces and floral arrangements.

An extravagant focal point stood in the center of the festivities. This incredible, larger than life size floral gown was designed by Pallas Couture for their 2016 collection and constructed by fresh flowers. This extraordinary dress had beaded lace, white French tulle and a train that consisted of a variety of Lilies, Hydrangeas, Ecuadorian Roses and Phalaenopsis Orchids. It was truly an honour to be part of a team that created this vision.

I was delighted to wear an amazing gown that was designed by Pallas Couture to this special event. I am also excited to announce that Roman & French provided my luxurious jewelry and Rupunzels Room made me feel like royalty as they did my makeup and hair. I truly was experiencing the Wedded Wonderland treatment along with the rest of the team.

I was humbled to share my talents with extraordinary professionals that made this event truly touching and amazing. Those who know me understand that my heart and soul goes into every floral design that my hands touch. I truly think of my clients and what will make their experience magical and will make them create memories that they will cherish forever.

As the evening continued, guests and I savored every sip of delectable white, red and sparkling wine as well as a unique menu that offered delicious beef, salmon and duck dishes. The festivities became even more amazing when the DJ had everyone dancing, having fun and the night was topped with the sky lighting up with a spectacular fireworks show. This extraordinary evening truly touched my heart and I am grateful for Wedded Wonderland hosting me at this incredible event.

Official FIREWORKS sponsors: Venue Dockside Group Flowers and Floral Styling John Emmanuel Hire and Styling Events by Nadia Chandeliers, Candelabras and Themed Backdrop Chandeliers To Die For Fashion and Floral Gown Design Pallas Couture Stationery Natalie by Design Take Home Desserts Chefs About Catering Jewellery and Gifts Roman & French Candles Oleria Emporium Hair and Makeup Rupunzelsroom Photography Inlighten Photography Videography Iconic Films Entertainment Funkified Entertainment Audio/Visual Impact AV Gold Outdoor Furniture and Chaise Decor-a-Shaan Transportation HF Wedding & Hire Cars and GM Cabs




























The Langham Hotel Sydney ~ a luxurious stay

Indulge in a Romantic Getaway at Langham-Sydney

The Langham Hotel in Sydney is an exquisite hotel that has been recently renovated to perfection and filled with luxurious furnishing and décor. You will feel like royalty when sneaking off for a romantic getaway with your soul mate. My extraordinary visit was hosted by Wedded Wonderland, which is an online wedding blog. Every detail is planned out to perfection and allows you to relax and enjoy every moment of your experience.

Delightful Accommodations

I was impressed when I walked into my suite to find a unique view that overlooked the beautiful harbor. The breathtaking view is captivating during the day and night. Every suite in the hotel is tranquil, lavish and has high ceilings. The hotel offers complimentary toiletries and stationary which is adorned with The Langham Hotel’s signature pink branding. Even the key to the suite and the hotel taxi is pink. The hotel is situated perfectly and is within walking distance to fantastic eateries.

Elegant Dining Experience

This upscale hotel is prepared to make all of your wishes come true! The dining experience is exquisite and romantic. The service is superb and the food is delectable. You must try the seafood platter and their unbeatable Taipei drink! They even have a unique way of pouring and serving this delectable drink. The menu is extensive and allows you to choose from a variety of dishes. Depending on how long you stay, you may be able to try every diverse dish on the menu! The cuisine is meant to be savored and you are encouraged to indulge in every dish from appetizers to dessert.

Lingering and Relaxing

Although you will spend plenty of time exploring and discovering beautiful Sydney, there will times when you seek time to relax. This is the perfect time to linger in the hotel and enjoy all it has to offer. Palm Court is one of the unique areas of the hotel. During the day you can enjoy tea time with your love at the elegant tearoom. You will enjoy sipping your tea and indulging in sweet treats and other delicacies. During the night, the same area turns into an incredible jazz lounge that offers fantastic views of the Western Harbour. Enjoy your evening socializing or cuddling up with your love as you enjoy light refreshments and incredible music.

Wellness and Day Spa

You have the opportunity to make your stay extra relaxing when you visit the day spa at the Langham Hotel. The spa is an underground sanctuary that is superb and offers a variety of treatments that will help you feel pampered, relaxed and renewed. The spa is lavishly decorated and created to surround you with peace, healing and harmony.

When you are planning a romantic getaway you have to visit the Langham in Sydney. It is an experience that you will never forget and will leaving you yearning to come back again and again. The hotel is even so thoughtful to offer a pampered pet package. If you enjoy traveling with your dog, you can be assured they will receive 5-star service too! Whisk your love away from the stresses of everyday life to the extraordinary and luxurious Langham Hotel in Sydney today!


Wedded Wonderland host Karen Tran Intimate dinner at Dockside Group

We are so incredibly honored and touched by the warm welcome from our friends ‘down-under’.  Thank you Wedded Wonderland for the most amazing event at Dockside Group’s L’Aqua Gold room in Sydney.  Here is the clip of the event from Iconic Films.  More on this fabulous event in later post.

Karen Tran Event from Iconic Films on Vimeo.

Maui Wedding ~ Hyatt Regency Maui

We are thrilled to share with you a teaser photo from Channing and Trevor’s wedding in Maui.   The Hyatt Regency Maui lawn provided a fabulous setting including this large plumeria tree to hang the gorgeous floral pieces.  The crystal chandeliers and hanging florals provided the perfect backdrop for the bridal table.  More photos from the fab Monique Feil Photography to come really soon!  Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Olch!

We are tickled to share with you a teaser from Channing and Trevor’s wedding at Hyatt Regency Maui.  The large plumeria tree was perfect for the crystal chandeliers and fabulous hanging florals.  These floral beauties creates a dynamic backdrop for the bridal table.  More photos to come soon from the fab Monique Feil

Pink Ombre wedding at The Hotel Del Coronado

We adore beach wedding and beach wedding is more beautiful with sparkles mixed with shades of pink.  The Ocean front Windsor lawn was adorned with an abundance of white pink and magenta pink flowers.  The custom wedding canopy draped with pink ombre chiffon and festooned with roses, orchids, peonies and hydrangeas.  We look forward to sharing more images of this pink and crystal  wedding fit for a princess with you soon!

Engage!13 at The Biltmore Estate Gatsby Gala

Have you ever read the novel “The Great Gatsby”, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald? It is an epic novel that takes you back in time to a decadent Long Island summer in 1922; A time where a grand millionaire lived a life of complete excess, glam, glitz, opulence, jazzy details, and of course, passionate love.
This is what I wanted to recreate when I was so kindly invited to showcase my floral designs at the Grand Gala for the luxury wedding summit, Engage!13. This spectacular event takes place at the elegant Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina.
The thrill of recreating a Gatsby Chic era at such a prestigious event had me mutually humbled, excited and nervous!  But I did what I always do – got my creative juices flowing and got to work. I dove into everything Gatsby!
I took myself back in time; I mentally got dressed in my best pearls and donned my glitzy flapper dress. I envisioned myself walking up to the grand Biltmore Estate, I entered a large 30 foot-long pathway on the exquisite tent.  The white canopy-covered path was lined with white rose filled candelabras that were drenched in pearls, crystals and feathers.  Glamorous crystal chandeliers sparkled from the canopied ceiling.
At the end of the long walkway, I spied a grand archway that was covered in over 5000 white roses. Can you smell the floral scent in the air? Past this, I entered into Gatsby décor galore. Guests billowed in their chic attire, women coyly laughed as they fingered their pearls with one hand, holding their drink in the other. White tables and damask slip-covered love seats adorned the setting. Sheer, gauzy white curtains covered every inch of the room, crystal chandeliers draped in white roses, orchids and pearls hung from every ceiling nook.  Tall topiaries that were filled with white feathers, roses, and drenched in orchids and crystals stood like proud Gatsby ladies in every corner.

Chairs covered in gauzy gold fabric were arranged around tables that had tall, gold-sequined topiaries that teemed with white roses, feathers and crystals. Smaller mirror-covered vases were scattered across the tables in the room, filled with elegant white orchids, roses, pearls, and feathers.
Can you picture it? This is what I dreamt of and tried to recreate. Take a look through the pictures of the actual event and let me know if you think I managed to transport guests to this Gatsby Chic era. I would love to hear from you!  I would also like to send out a special thank you to the elegant Biltmore Estate staff, and to Rebecca Grinnals and Katheryn Arce of international wedding strategy consulting firm, Engaging Concepts, for inviting me to showcase my floral company.

Special thanks also to the following vendors involved who helps made this amazing event possible:

The Biltmore Estates
Classic Event Rentals ~ Tent and rentals
Nuage Designs ~ Linens and Furniture
Signature Chandeliers ~ Crystal chandeliers
PDA Stage ~ Lighting
Blossoms at Biltmore park~ Local florist support
Meijer Roses ~ Gorgeous white Avalanche roses
Elan Artists ~ Entertainment
Allan Zepeda
Carla Ten Eyck
Jeremie Barlow

Karen Tran Master Class in Maui September 23-25 2013

We are excited to announce our upcoming floral class/retreat in Maui.  We look forward to sharing our love for this spectacular island with you. This extensive 3 full days class will be hands on experience for the intermediate and advance designers.  A MUST for those wanting to take their business and design skills to a new level.  Your stay will be at the Lumeria Maui, the perfect location for a tranquil and scenic retreat.  Transportation will be provided each day to the gorgeous Haiku Mill, known as the most beautiful spot to get married in Maui.  We will transformed this Old World, French inspired venue to floral paradise using exquisite chandeliers and other beautiful floral enhancements.  Our last day will conclude on the oceanfront property of The White Orchid House where attendees will dine on the fully decorated dinner table they helped designed.  We hope you can join us for this delightful ‘Floral Experience in Paradise’.   This will truly be an amazing experience.  Please contact us at karen@karentran.com to register for this retreat. See you in Maui!

Engage!13 The Biltmore Estate: The Gatsby Chic Gala

We are still on a high from our trip last week to the gorgeous Biltmore Estate in Asheville NC.  We are so happy to participate in the Gala for the final evening of Engage!13 Luxury wedding summit.  My heart burst when the lovely ladies of Engage! Rebecca and Katheryn asked us to design the Grand Gala!  What an honor!  The Gatsby Chic Theme could not have been more perfect.  We look forward to sharing loads of images with you all soon!

Pacific Weddings Magazine feature with This Modern Romance: Korakia Pensione

Such a delight to collaborate with the talented Stephanie Williams of  This Modern Romance.  This styled shoot took place at the beautiful Korakia Pensione.  A lovely Moroccan inspired Resort in Palm Springs.  This shoot was designed around the rustic and exotic setting of this resort.  The heavy moroccan door served as a beautiful backdrop for our table setting.  Old farm table and wooden chairs accented with lace runner set the tone for this design.  We  took full advantage of the peonies season and used it abundantly along with tulips, anemones and large garden roses to produce a large scale lush floral piece.  We also introduce natural citrus fruits with its foliages to add dimension and interesting texture.  Our head designer Aileen did a remarkable job marrying the romantic and lush design with a rustic and exotic setting.  The tabletop was complete with the wonderful talent of Kristy Rice of Momental Designs.  Thank you Pacific Weddings for the beautiful spread.  So grateful and honored to be featured in your magazine!

Karen Tran featured on Ceci Style Magazine by Ceci New York

So delighted and honored to be featured in Ceci Style Magazine out of New York. Please check out her site. It’s full of gorgeousness!  Great tips from the Stylish Ceci herself and other wonderful experts in our wedding industry. Read on how you can make your  next event ‘Dazzling’!  Thank you Ceci for the beautiful feature!

Video of our Lake Como styled shoot with Wed Couture Milano

I love reliving my visit to Lake Como. Here is a spectacular video from our Styled shoot with WED Coulture Milano. Diego with Photo 27 did an outstanding job documenting this event. It really showcase the true beauty of this Villa on the lake. Well done Diego! Can it get any better than this? A magnificent wedding in Lake coma? What a special place to host your wedding! I look forward to many more visits to this beautiful country.

A Day with Karen Tran – final from photo27 movies on Vimeo.

Signature Wedding Magazine featuring Karen Tran: Wedding Magazine in Asia

We are incredibly excited and honored to be featured in Signature Weddings Magazine.  An Asian wedding magazine publication available in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.  If you are in these countries, please pick up a copy.  Signature Weddings graciously devoted 8 pages in their gorgeous magazine to Karen Tran’s interview.  Below are some image selected from some of our past weddings.  Thank you very much Signature Weddings Magazine!  We look forward to designing weddings in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia!
Special thanks to Joseph Matthew for all the beautiful images

A wedding in Italy: My visit to beautiful Lake Como

I feel as if I am living a dream.  Italy is by far my favorite country.  During my journey to this beautiful country, we visited Lake Como.  Our styled shoot could not be more perfect and enjoyable.  Thanks to the wonderful wedding planner Andrea Naar Alba with WED Couture Milano.  Andrea is a gem!  If you are planning a wedding in Italy, please contact her!  She is knowledgable and efficient.  Not to mention she is an absolute doll to work with.  Thank you so much Andrea for making my visit to Lake Como a great experience!
The wonderful Andrea found this amazing private lake front Villa  in Lake Como.  The 14th century villa is incredibly well kept and the ground is just immaculate.  The exterior is true to old italian architect and the interior is ornate and beautiful.  We wanted to design a special wedding ceremony and reception for this villa without taking away its beautiful character.  The all WHITE florals complemented the ceremony  which overlook the lake wonderfully .  We used old urns overflowing with lush florals and set on moss laden balustrade.  The ornate reception room in the Villa was beautifully decorated with butter color curtains and old chandeliers.  The ceiling of this room was immaculately carved and the wood flooring embossed with ornate patterns.  Our choice for the centerpieces included a 100 yr  old bronze candelabras with beautiful carved cherubs.  These lovely candelabras were draped with thick floral garlands and lush blooms of garden roses, viburnum, hydrangeas, tulips and orchids.  Below are some images I snapped with my iphone to show you all the Splendor and Grandeur of this villa  Some are professional photos from Diego with Photo 27.  We are so honored and extremely grateful for the opportunity to design in Italy.  We are looking forward to our next wedding in Italy coming up in April.  If it’s anything like our experience with Lake Como, it’s going to be amazing!
Please stay tuned for more professional photos from Photo 27……did we also mention that this will be featured in Vogue Sposa?  Oh, we are so incredibly excited!

Glam and modern wedding at the Park Hyatt: Linda and Doug

We are so happy to be a part of Linda and Doug’s beautiful wedding at the Park Hyatt Aviara.  It was such an honor to work with this sweet couple for more than a year.  We love the style they have chosen for their wedding: Glam, sparkly (For Linda), modern and clean line.  The ceremony in the courtyard embraced the ALL WHITE color palette utilizing acrylic base down the aisle.  Large acrylic boxes trimmed with crystal rhinestone were paved with large white florals.  The couple exchanged their vows underneath the lush black and white modern chuppah.  Moving into the ballroom for the dinner reception, we added the deep vibrant RED.  Each floral centerpiece consisted of 400 rich red roses paved in a round shape atop our sleek black vessel with added crystal strands.  Our custom feather table linen paired very well with this glamorous wedding.  The talented J Grace contributed her magic to this wedding with the ultra luxurious stationeries.  The beautiful custom black and white dancefloor from Platinumpro completed this wedding perfectly.  Kudos and many thanks to Catherine at CBS Weddings and Paul Barnett Photography for these lovely images.  Congratulations Linda and Doug!  You two are such special people!  We are privileged to be a part of it!